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+Don't Touch Me Please, I Cannot Stand The Way You Tease+

-Touch It Baby Tainted Love-

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The community for all those fans of the perfect burlesque and shock rock made couple.

Banners, Icons, Articles, Pictures, etc...

The rules are very simple. As long as you obey them, then I don't have to go all bitch out on your ass ^.^

You must like/love Dita and Manson (duh)

Respect other members

If someone makes a banner/icon/pixel/etc. make sure to credit them, we don't need that drama here

If you have a large post place under and el-jay cut. (meaning more than 1 picture, or a more than few paragraphs)

Feel free to post any articles, pictures, things you make, art work, or anything that is Dita and Manson related ^.^

Have fun, and participate!

(s)aint, 1996, antichrist superstar, apple of sodom, believe, better of two evils, born again, brian warner, bright young things, burning flag, cake and sodomy, cat in the hat, choklit factory, coma black, coma white, cruci-fiction in space, cryptorchid, cyclops, dead god, deformagraphy, devil in my lunchbox, diamonds and pollen, disassociative, disposable teens, dita, dita von teese, dogma, doll-dagga- buzz-buzz ziggety-zag, dope hat, dope show, down in the park, dune buggy, everlasting cocksucker, five to one, forbidden fruit, fuck frankie, fundamentally loathsome, get my rocks off, get your gunn, god eat god, golden age of grotesque, golden years, great big white world, hands of small children, heather sweet, highway to hell, i hate, i want to disappear, irresponsible hate anthem, junk the magic dragon, ka-boom ka-boom, kiddie grinder, kinderfeld, king kill 33, lamb of god, last day on earth, let your ego die, like a virgin, little horn, lunchbox, man that you fear, manson, marilyn manson, minute of decay, misery machine, mister superstar, mobscene, my monkey, new model no 15, obsequey, organ grinder, para-noir, personal jesus, posthuman, prelude(family trip), president dead, red head, redeemer, rock is dead, rock n roll nigger, same strange dogma, sick city, slutgarden, snake eyes and sissies, son of man, spade, speed of pain, suck for your solution, suicide is painless, suicide snowman, surrender, sweet dreams, sweet tooth, sympathy for the parents, tainted love, target audience, the beautiful people, the death song, the fall of adam, the fight song, the love song, the nobodies, the reflecting god, tourniquet, track 99, transylvanian concubine, user friendly, valentine's day, vodevil, white knuckles, white trash, working class hero, wormboy, wrapped in plastic